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International keynote speaker

Andrew Morrison, Director of the Centre for Design Research at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, leads design research projects on Communication and Interaction Design. These projects include collaborations on service, systems and product design for the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape at AHO. His work includes design writing, fiction and criticism, and design and technology critiques. His recent publications include Inside Multimodal Composition (2010) and Exploring Digital Design (2010) as well as Futures and Design Studies. He has co-authored books on doctoral design education and the network city. Andrew has also coordinated the AHO PhD School, supervised and examined widely and is on the board of several international journals. Prominent projects that Andrew has been involved in include YOUrban, co-chairing the Design + Power NORDES 2017, participating in the Anticipation 2017 Conference and leading the AHO Research Review 2014-2017. He will be chairing the 3rd International Conference on Anticipation in Oslo in autumn 2019.