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Member News 2019-01


A HUGE thank you to Ria van Zyl of Vega School for putting together our first newsletter! The first issue of a publication is always a daunting task.

Our thanks also go to all contributors, as well as the photographers at the various DEFSA workshops. Authors are welcome to provide opinion pieces on their previous papers and topics.




Building research capacity – DEFSA workshops 2018

The DEFSA team organised two workshops well attended workshops this year, providing a place for lecturers to network between conferences.The first workshop on 8 June 2018 looked at Practice-based research.A successful abstract writing workshop was held on 14 September, aimed at encouraging members to write abstracts for the DEFSA 2019 conference.

Post graduate studies - design discipline or education?

by Sue Giloi - Inscape

When making the decision of what to research and what type of qualification to choose, each individual should consider their personal needs and ambitions, and how the knowledge and skills gained might benefit them now and in ten years’ time.

Designed Futures

Design educators interrogating the future of design knowledge,research and education.
8th International DEFSA Conference 9-11 September 2019

What’s happening?

  • Innovation By Design Awards!
  • Design Indaba Conference 2019
  • Design Principles & Practices 2020: The 14th International Conference
  • UJ: Participation Design & Design Thinking course 2018
  • Simplicity is key!
  • by Matías Delfino, UNICEF’s global lead designer.
  • Vega geeks out ahead of the first Comic Con in Africa

Book Review

Educating Citizen Designers in South Africa