Checking your permissions

If you can see this, you are not logged in. Once you log in, this will be replaced by Quicklinks to your account.

To log in, go to If you can't remember your password, request a one-time-login which allows you to edit your profile and update your password.

Only Account holders with COMMITTEE MEMBER PERMISSIONS will also see documents.

If your permissions are not correct, please email Dianne on



This video shows how to add an abstract, and edit your profile.


  • Login: (or use the pop-open section at the top of Every page)
  • The pop-open section has quicklinks to Your Account, and to submit an abstract.
  • You need to be logged into the system with Author permissions to see "Add new Abstract".
  • You need to be logged into the system with Reviewer permissions to see "Add new Review".
  • Can't log in? Click "Forgot password" to receive a one-time quicklink to your account. From there you can change your password.
  • Not receiving notifications? Some institutions have strict email protocols so notifications from our website can end up in spam filters. Please ask your institution to whitelist emails, or switch to gmail.
  • Please note that when you log in, the DEFSA Member's Zone is and not

Problems with uploading

If your problem isn't mentioned below, please contact Dianne at

  • You can't log in
    • Let me know and I will reset your password
    • We have reopened the automated password rese, but it might need to be shut down again if hackers target the website! I'm rather gratified that they think our research is important enough to steal)
  • You can log in, but you can't see your abstract
    • Go to Peer Review > My Abstract/Paper on the main menu
    • There is an additional User menu on the pop-open section at the top of each page.
  • You can see the abstract but not edit it
    • Click on the headline to view the entire abstract with all extra information, the edit button should be above the headline.
    • On the abstract "teaser view", there is a button opposite the headline on the right that will let you jump straight to "edit" but it needs good mouse skills!
  • You can edit but there is no button to upload
    • Check at the bottom left for a subsection "documents". Click to open this section if it isn't already open.
  • It's not saving
    • Click the upload button to pull the document from your desktop into the system (it isn't strictly necessary, but if your document is large, it reduces the risk of timing out)
    • You still need to save the entire abstract/paper - the button is bottom right of the page.
    • Note there is a 5MB size limit. Let me know if you need more!

Please contact the webmaster if your permissions are incorrect, if you are struggling to log in or any other technical issues.