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DEFSA Member Zone

This website is used as a central library for DEFSA Association documents, and to organise the DEFSA Peer Review process for the Conference.

DEFSA is the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa. The non-profit organisation provides a platform for academics in the design education sector to engage in research, best practice and networking through various mechanisms including a biennial conference, workshops and an interactive website that hosts peer reviewed and published research papers.

With the enthusiastic support  of our committee, and active members, the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa is able to positively influence the young designer's formative training and promote all facets of design across Africa.

Our members span a range of creative disciplines including architecture and interior design, photography, film, multimedia, industrial product design, ceramics, graphic design, clothing, textile and jewellery design, and software UX.

DEFSA is not an education provider or a registration body and is therefore not required to be registered with SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). Membership to DEFSA is attained as an institution or as an individual. Individual members are categorised as Professional Individual Members or Student Individual Members.


  • DEFSA maintains appropriate links with industry, government departments, professional bodies and similar design organisations
  • It shall strive to foster and promote all facets of design through design education initiatives in Southern Africa in particular, on the continent of Africa and further abroad
  • Furthermore, DEFSA shall endeavour to promote relevant research with the focus on design